Low Midnight

a black and white first person western shooter made in 5 days and 6 nights


Story: Introduction

Sheriff Gilmore was a man of few words. Silently he slid the deputy star towards me. Then, with a groan as if it was almost too much of an effort, he muttered: ‘Go to Cliffside and find out why we haven’t heard anything from them recently. I’ve heard strange reports from the mountains so be careful. Might be Indians on the warpath again.’

I nodded and agreed, then turned and walked out of the Sheriff’s Office smiling. A ride over to Cliffside wasn’t so bad. If it was the Indians I’d call the cavalry, if it was just a rockslide in Jasper’s canyon, I’d have to organize some help to move it away. Either way it sounded like an easy first assignment.

Boy, was I ever so wrong.