Low Midnight

a black and white first person western shooter made in 5 days and 6 nights



The challenge is over, development isn't. Webarely finished a working version for the challenge but we're continuing development. We did start two days late and now we need to make good on that time.


Low Midnight is a first person shooter developed with Unity3D at the GameLab Freiburg in the course of the 7DFPS challenge.

The challenge gives contestants 7 days to make first person shooter from start to finish. There are only two rules: make a game and have fun. Making a first person shooter is probably the unwritten third rule.

The main difficulty is to create a game within that short timeframe. It's impossible to create elaborate realisitc graphics or a large number of levels. Instead, the focus lies on creativity.


We decided to make a game mainly in black and white, the setting is midnight in a western town.

Look around the site, read the story. Then play the game and send us your feedback, if you feel like it.


2012-06-16 -second version released, lots of bugfixes...have fun!

2012-06-16 - the challenge is over, we made it! Go look at all the other great games at 7dfps.org

2012-06-16 -first version is released, lots of bugs & unfinished parts. We'll fix that during the day

2012-06-16 - we might actually make it!

2012-06-15 - what do you mean we need a working shooting function? :P

2012-06-15 - on the final stretch; good progress tonight, thanks to Red Bull & good music; Highscore now works and lots of bugs fixed

2012-06-14 - more programming, got stuck a lot of times. Had to remember the second rule: have fun!

2012-06-13 - wow, already day three? We should start some programming then. The scene is looking good.

2012-06-12 - modelling stage having lots of fun modelling revolvers, bulls, houses and trees. Discovered that horses do not want to be modelled.

2012-06-11 - development start! First team meeting and brainstorming. What do you mean we're two days late?